Gyros Alley

There’s something about the allure of Greece that has its own unique charm. Maybe it’s the seaside view, maybe it’s the cultural heritage or maybe it’s the exotic delicacies. Or maybe it’s all of the elements that perfectly intertwine with each other.

Since a weekend getaway seems wasteful, to only enjoy Greece for a couple of days, combine that with lack of monetary resources; we decided to do the next best thing in Jakarta: enjoy Greek food. Gyros Alley, we choose you! (Yes, that was a Pokémon reference.)


The interior is quite Greece-like. The first thing you see on the first floor is desserts you’d want to save space in your tummy for after the big meal. But then again, there’s always room for desserts right?

The second floor, this is where most of the restaurant seating is. You’ll be welcomed with picture perfect moments of Greece in frames. A big mural art resembling Greece is the most eye-catching piece of art in the restaurant. The interior is quite instagrammable. Do come earlier if you want to snap pictures, because at around 11.30 it was already quite packed. But enough of the interior. We’re here to talk about food.


Appetizer: Spinakopita, 45K


The star of the show! The best dish we tried. The taste of the spinach combined with the tzaziki sauce tastes divine. A melt-in-your-mouth kind of taste. The spinach and fetta triangles would have tasted even better if it were not as oily, but this is definitely the dish you would not want to miss. It’s also served with salad that tastes even more refreshing once you squirt some lime on it.

Main dish: Gyros Souvlaki Lamb, 62K


For this dish you can opt for lamb, chicken or falafel. We chose lamb. It was quite big and the portion is rather generous. The lamb was okay, and the tzaziki sauce brings the meal into life. The red sauce dipping also stimulates the taste buds with mostly tangy flavour. Would we go back to the restaurant for this dish? Perhaps not. The appetizer tasted better. Because the highlight of the dish is the sauces served with it. It’s just like a fully maked-up girl that looks pretty, but once the make up is gone, bam! The beauty is gone.

Main dish: Gyros Platter Falafel, 55K


Just like the Gyros Souvlaki, for this meal you can choose lamb, chicken or falafel. This is basically a deconstructed Gyros Souvlaki but you get to have fun with your food by assembling it yourself. The falafel was just like the lamb, it tasted okay. It was rather dry and too crunchy for our taste. But if you want a break from lamb or chicken, choose this dish.

Drink: Mango Kefir Lassi, 35K


One word: nice! Refreshing. Feels like we’re drinking this by the beach somewhere in Greece. A bit too sweet, but even despite of that, still a noteworthy drink! A perfect blend of milk and mango taste in the mouth.

Overall rating – Gyros Alley: 3.5/5

That’s it for our culinary journey in Gyros Alley! Hope you enjoy the post. See you in our next culinary journey!

Visit Gyros Alley at:
Jl. Panglima Polim IX/8 Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160

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