This week, our adventure takes us to one of the popular cafes in Kota Tua: Historia.


The ambience has a rustic, hipster yet modern feel thanks to the cool mural art which acts as a centerpiece for the room. There are other parts of the cafe you can choose to sit in, but we chose to sit indoors considering how sizzling hot the Jakarta weather was. Not to mention, the cool mural art. Loving. It. Seriously just look at it.


As for the food, we did not order much since we visited the place at around noon, too late for lunch and too early for dinner. It was more of a I’m-not-too-hungry-yet-to-eat-dinner-but-I’m-not-gonna-pass-by-this-cafe-without-eating-or-drinking-something kind of meal. You get the picture right? Snack time at a cool cafe.

Empek empek, 35K


Presentationwise, a bit different to what we are used to for Pem Pek. As opposed to being soaked in the sauce, it is actually separated. Too crispy and the pieces were too thin to properly soak the awesome flavours of the sauce. But the positive part of the dish, yes, we already mentioned it so that was a bit of a spoiler… the sauce. The saviour! The sauce has a more dominant spicy flavour and just the right amount of tanginess. A good choice for an evening snack.

Pisang dimadu, 38K


You know those days where the heat is so unbearable and all you can think of is that one drink that can quench your thirst? This is your daydream come true. Cool drink to cool down. Historia has managed to create a delightful drink with this mix of pineapple, banana, yoghurt and honey.

Since a trip to Kota Tua is a trip wasted if you do not visit the museums, so we did exactly that. To whoever said that Indonesians do not really go to museums anymore, well they are definitely wrong. The museum was full and the security even asked us to wait for a while before allowing us in. Here are a few shots of our adventure in the Bank of Indonesia Museum.

Overall rating – Historia: 3/5

Visit Historia at:
Jl.Taman Fatahillah, Jl.Pintu Besar Utara No.11 Kota, Jakarta.

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Written by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited & taken by: https://www.instagram.com/yukinike


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