Shirokuma Cafe

Every once in a while you meet someone who looks as if God is showing off. But then they open their mouth and bam… All of the attractiveness disappear in an instant. Well, luckily for us, this dessert place does not give of that kind of impression. The dessert at Shirokuma Cafe is indeed as delicious as it looks.

Galaxy Seaside (with sesame seed ice cream), 49K


With one of these pretty desserts one of the saddest thing to do is to ruin the food and eat it. But it’s all for the greater good right? Good thing we did not feel sad for a long time after destroying the ice cream because we were greeted with melted delicious goodness in the mouth.

We’ll describe Galaxy Sesame Seed by its “components”, let’s begin!

1. Cotton candy with popcorn scattered through the galaxy. Tastes pretty good. The sweetness complement each other as opposed to fighting for power to shine each other’s sweetness. They know how to balance the flavour out.

2. Ice cream, we chose black sesame. You can opt for matcha or if you’re a bit on the adventurous side, seaside. Seaside was not particulary our cup of tea, so we chose black sesame. The star of the dessert. The Beyoncé of Destiny’s Child. Tasted rather unique with a burnt ashy taste and sweet but not too numbing-your-taste-buds sweet. There’s a reason it’s placed in the middle. Because the ice cream is the center of attention!

3. Black waffles. You’d think that if the ice cream is stacked on the waffles, it’ll be all soggy and miserable; add to that the time it took for us to capture the perfect angle of the dish and devouring the cotton candy, the waffles still tasted good. Not sweet, but because of that it allows the ice cream to dominate and get all the glory while the waffle gives this dessert an extra texture. With just a the right amount of fluffiness, not too crunchy and not too soft, makes this dessert one dish you would not want to miss!

Visit Shirokuma Cafe at:
Gandaria City unit UG-97

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