Mamink Daeng Tata

Ribs. Enough said.

We were curious if the pictures of the family restaurant of Mamink Daeng Tata we saw online really did live up to our expectations. Was it succulent, juicy, fall-off the bone smothered with all the right seasonings bringing out its full taste? Or was this going to be one of those “looked better in pictures”.

Let’s see then.

Tata Ribs, 53K


The sauce was great, peanut sauce with just the right amount of seasoning. Brings out the savory in the dish. The ribs? Well, they looked pretty. And this dish seems to be a popular one in the family restaurant. Came pretty fast. But as for the meat it was a little to difficult to cut for our taste, and suprisingly small as well. (Knife inserted there served for comparison purposes, even though not intentionally put by us. Was served that way.) Decent dish. Could have done better if the ribs were more tender.

Coto DT, 30K


Buras, aka the lontong version of Makassar is a match made in heaven with the Coto DT. We have mixed feelings about this. For someone who experienced Makassar food for the first time, this coto tastes AWESOME. So flavourful and rich in spices. It’s like you have a prty in your mouth and all the flavours are invited. But for someone who has lived in Makassar, the broth should be thicked. We’re divided on this one. But it did slightly help that Makassar homesickness.

The ribs once again before we bid adieu.


Visit Mamink Daeng Tata at:
Terusan Casablanka Tebet. Jl. KH Abd Syafie, Tebet 12810 Jakarta Selatan

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