Jeans Chilli Chicken

What is better than cheese? Melted cheese. What’s better than melted cheese? Nothing. Nothing looks more picture perfect than an immaculately melted cheese on top of pretty much anything. I mean just look at it. Yup, look at that beauty.

Cheese Chilli Chicken, 62K

Look how the cheese glows as if it has descended directly from heaven. Perhaps somehow the foods from the heavens accidentally made its way to earth.

The menu warned us with a chilli symbol. But hey, us Indonesians, we’re pretty hardcore when it comes to spicy food, am I right? Am I right? I mean how spicy can it be? Bring it! Well, we were wrong. The spicy level should have shown 5 chillis because it was way too spicy. We love spicy food, but we don’t love burn-in-your-mouth-while-numbing-your-tongue kind of spicy. Go choose this menu if you’re an adventurer and love super super super spicy food. But opt for another dish if you intend to avoid crying while trying to withstand the umbearable pain.


We expected an enjoyable blend of cheese and chilli in our mouth with the flavours complimenting each other creating a sensational taste. Because the flavour profile of the chicken was too intense the cheese tasted rather bland. So unfortunate. It tasted rubbery and didn’t do much to add to the taste. The chicken had a similar taste to chicken satay, with the similar burning barbeque peanuty taste except being super spicy.

Egg roll (half), 28K

Pretty food, don’t you agree? This special egg roll with melting mozarella cheese and chilli chicken inside is not as crazy spicy as the cheese chilli chicken. Topped with mayonaisse and Jeans Chilli Chicken’s special sauce. It’s a good thing we ordered this because this acts as a saviour to reduce the spiciness of the chicken. The egg roll was sweet and the sauce made the dish tasted even better.

Overall rating – Jeans Chilli Chicken: 3/5

Visit Jeans Chilli Chicken at:
Gandaria City. Lantai UG. MU – 11. Phone number: (021) 2923 6374

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