Mie Belitung Atep

Hello internet, meet the culinary icon of Belitung: Mie Belitung Atep.

You can only officially say you’ve went to Belitung if you have tasted this legendary dish in Tanjung Pandan. Pictures of celebrities and notable figures have eaten in this place from Megawati, Rano Karno, Tukul to Bondan Winarno.

Mie Belitung


What’s our verdict? Well, we are divided on this one. We went here with several friends, half of us thought it was okay and the noodle did not taste special at all, just your ordinary noodle. Good branding though, because somehow this has become the must-visit place for culinary enthusiasts visiting the island. The other half, well they really liked it. They found that the mix of tofu, potatoes, bean sprouts, cucumbers and small shrimps molded together with the broth’s sweet shrimp taste makes this dish flavoursome. The emping on top adds to its texture and improves the flavour of this dish. You’d have to visit Belitung and taste the noodle for yourself, so you’ll know whether you are Team Mie Belitung Atep or are you Team Meh… it was alright.

Jeruk Kunci


At a glance, this might seem like your ordinary orange drink. Let’s face it, even the picture itself does not translate well. Looks like your typical drink. But you have to trust us on this one, go ahead and order this WHENEVER possible in Belitung. If you don’t really like it that sweet, just request for less sugar. The refreshing taste of the orange will bring extra zest as the perfect companion to the Mie Belitung or pretty much any other food you are eating.

Whatever you are eating, drink… Es Jeruk Kunci. Yes, that was referring to a famous tea in a bottle slogan. It’s time to end the post now.

Overall rating – Mie Belitung Atep: 3.5/5

Visit Mie Belitung Atep at:
Jl. Sriwjijaya No.27 Tanjug Pandan Belitung

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Written & Pic taken by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited by: https://www.instagram.com/yukinike


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