A Meal by Penyabong Beach

Am I dead? Because I’m pretty sure this is what heaven looks like.


The beach exuberates a romantic atmosphere. An image that looks even better than a photoshopped screensaver or a filtered instagram photo. No shot can fully capture the genuine beauty of the beach. With very few visitors, Penyabong feels like your own private beach with clear skies and calm waters creating a haven for tranquility.

The huge boulders add even more to the scenery, making the place almost too unreal as if an artist painted the view.


Moments like these make you feel so small, all your problems and worries seem to fade away, giving you a fresh perspective on life.

But enough of the view, not enough words in the english dictionary can describe its beauty. Let’s talk about food! We picked a food stall furthest from the beach, but there are plenty of food stalls near the beach that sell similar selection of seafood.

Boiled Rajungan, 85K/kg


Seems plain right? Yeah, we’d probably agree with you. But looks can be deceiving. Something that looks so plain actually tastes phenomenal! Do try this dish when you are in this beach. The meat of the rajungan tastes incredibly sweet that you wouldn’t need any sauce to elevate the flavour. We cannot rave about this rajungan enough. Surprising how something so simple brings out its true flavour.

Fish with yellow tumeric seasoning


We weren’t very keen on trying this one. Looks ordinary. Sounds ordinary. But… tastes extraordinary! Another win for Penyabong Beach and Penyabong food! The collaboration of spices in your mouth will satisfy your taste buds with a mixture of savoury and spicy taste. There is also a slight sweetness that brings out the dish altogether making a well-balanced flavour. Tip: You can choose to split one fish in half and have it cooked in two different ways, which was what we did.

Grilled fish  with soysauce


This style of grilling seafood is one of the most common one in Indonesia, drenched in sweet soy sauce. Yum! Usually dipped in more soy sauce with chopped onions and chilli inside if you like it spicy. We just can’t get enough of that soy sauce action. A familiar taste of seafood right by the beach done right. You can taste the freshness of the fish right after the first bite.

Penyabong Beach is approximately 2 hours from the city center, Tanjung Pandan. But the journey is definitely worth it. Along the way you can also snap a picture of Batu Baginde or climb it if you dare.


The meal suitable for 4 starving people or 6 normal people costs less than 300K. Creating memories by the beach eating unbelievable food? Priceless.

Overall rating – A Meal by Penyabong Beach: 5/5

Visit Penyabong Beach at:
Penyabong Beach, Kecamatan Membalong, Belitung

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Written & Pic taken by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited by: https://www.instagram.com/yukinike


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