Rumah Makan Thalen

Looking for chicken rice in Belitung? Well, we have found the right place for you!


Chicken rice and fish meatballs, 15K
Rumah Makan Thalen will satisfy your chicken rice cravings, accompanied with some delicious fish meatballs.

DSC_0231 (1)

The chicken rice tasted quite awesome! We loved the combination of the fragrant rice, that fried onion and the sauce. Makes you want more after each bite. The sauce is what gives this dish that extra kick. But the rice does its role quite well too by adding an extra layer of flavour. We recommend you stop by this place after or before (or maybe after and before, hey we’re not gonna judge!) you drink coffee in Manggar.

The meatballs though, we have to honestly admit that it did not meet our expectations. While the chicken rice seems to be that A student in the class, the fish meatball is that one kid in class who just never studies at all but somehow manages to pass the class. The fish flavour was not very dominant and lacked that extra kick we expected. Especially since this is a town near the sea where the supply of fish is abundant. But hey, the broth paired up perfectly with the chicken rice.

Es Jeruk Kunci, 5K

DSC_0233 (1)

Why of course we followed our own advice to drink Es Jeruk Kunci whenever possible. Unfortunately, the drink served here is a tad bit too sweet for our taste. So if you are not into that sugary taste, please request for less sugar. Otherwise, we can only say positive things about this drink. The drink is refreshing and even writing about it right now, makes us wish that we were still in Belitung drinking Es Jeruk Kunci by the beach soaking in that Vitamin Sea and sipping in that Vitamin C. *insert cricket sounds and awkward pause*

Overall rating – Rumah Makan Thalen: 3.5/5

Visit Rumah Makan Thalen at:
Jl. Simpang Dispensasi, Kurnia Jaya Manggar, Kaltim

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