Rumah Makan Mutiara

We are jealous. Jealous of everyone who lives in Belitung. Jealous of people whose hometown is in Belitung. You get to devour this delicious goodness that descended from the heavens more often than we do.

Sauteed shrimps, 50K (half a portion)


Spicy! Beware if you do not like spicy food, but then again the picture says it all. However, the spiciness blended in awesomely with the sweetness of the shrimps. We expected the shrimps to be sweeter (sorry, harsher judgement because we are near the sea!), but it wasn’t. Has a similar flavour profile with balado udang. Not a dish we’d travel back all the way to Belitung. But still, an enjoyable one!

Crab with Padang Sauce, 200K


Not stingy with the sauce at all. Even when we finished the crab, there was still so much of that saucy goodness, eating it with rice alone tastes good already! Seems exagerrated, but this dish does deserve that praise. The meat is succulent combine that with the sauce… damn! That sauce is pure perfection and the crab is fresh! Trust us, you will crave this crab once you get back home. SPOT ON. Must-order. Sorry laptop, we drooled all over you. Might be one of the many reasons we want to visit Belitung again!

Gangan, 65K (half a portion)


That colour alone makes you want to just dive into the soup. The thing about fish soup is it can go incredibly wrong and tastes fishy and horrible. Well, they did none of those here. This traditional dish from Belitung ranks as the top dishes we tried in Belitung. That combination of some fish action, chunks of pineapple chopped in and a spicy kick will leave you wanting some more. So rich in flavours and weirdly enough… refreshing because of that pineapple added in. Maybe we should save up to go there again. Hmmm.

Overall rating – RM Mutiara: 5/5

Visit Rumah Makan Mutiara at:
Jl. Jl. Wahab Aziz No. 7, Bangka – Belitung Island

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