Rumah Makan Belitong Timpo Duluk

What better way to close the Belitung trip than feasting in a legendary restaurant? Let’s look at the ambience that makes this place such a unique place to dine in. With the interior alone, you feel like you’re taking a step back in time. A time machine in restaurant form.

Now let’s talk about the real reason we visited. FOOD. Glorious food!

Udang Lumpang, 18K


Your typical fried shrimp. Not too special, the sambal is what gives it that extra kick. Without it, the dish would be rather ordinary. However, good value considering the price.

Sayur asam, 5K


Served in a traditional bowl, this adds the feel of nostalgic era. It looks like your ordinary sayur asam dish, lots of vegetables and a mix of sour and spicy taste. We even ordered this just because we wanted to eat some vegetables. But what we tasted exceeded our expectations! Vegetablegasm over here. Rich in flavour but dominated with sweet and spicy taste (if you prefer your sayur asem sweet, you’d like this one), the sour taste is also quite strong which makes this dish very enjoyable.

Pindang Belitung, 8K


One of those… meh, looks too simple to taste delicious. Man, we were damn wrong! This delicacy is one you would not want to miss when visiting the restaurant. Such strong flavours from the broth creates a unique taste with a fish flavour and spiciness that is well-balanced in seasoning. Order this dish if you dine in this restaurant. Please. You would not regret it. Don’t make the mistake we did by sharing. Eat it all by yourself. Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to eating at a restaurant. What’s yours is mine, but what’s mine is mine.

Cumi Lumpang, 18K


The star of the dish is really the sambal, but the calamari tastes pretty decent and pairs quite well with the sambal. Not too special, but you get your value for money for this dish.

Timpo Duluk Ribs, 21K


Sick of seafood and want that meaty dish you crave for when vacationing at the beach? We don’t get how you’d ever feel sick and tired of eating seafood, but in case that happens, well, here’s the dish for you. Succulent ribs smothered in the right kind of seasonings.


Overall rating – Rumah Makan Timpo Duluk: 5/5

Visit Rumah Makan Timpo Duluk at:
Jl. Lettu Mad Daud, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

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