Orenji Sushi

Paris is always a good idea.
Wait, scratch that.
Sushi is always a good idea.

So we were craving for some sushi in Semarang, and decided to drop by this little sushi place. Read reviews online. Seems like they got their social media game strong. Naturally, made us very curious and keen on trying this restaurant.

Volcano Roll (Small), 21K


Honestly, we did not like the texture of the rice. It was not sticky enough and they seem to fall apart quite easily. But hey, this is an affordable sushi joint so you shouldn’t complain about that, you get what you pay for. This sushi is quite spicy! Some spicy sushi has some heat that is tolerable, but this one was quite spicy for a sushi. If you do enjoy heat though with this fusion japanese delight, go ahead and order this!

Orenji Special Roll (Small)


This one was more enjoyable than the volcano roll, mainly because it had quite a good flavour mix. You get that sweet taste from the chicken floss. Also the sauce and mayo do compliment each other quite well. If there’s one thing we’d like to see the restaurant improve is the rice stickiness level. If you’re into fusion sushi and happen to be on a budget, this sushi joint can satisfy your craving.

Visit Orenji  at:
Jl. Singosari 1. No.25 Semarang, Jawa Tengah

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Written & Pic taken by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited by: https://www.instagram.com/yukinike


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