Warung Makan asem-asem Koh Liem

If you type in culinary spots in Semarang, this name is definitely one of the top lists. With an interior that is humble and down-to-earth, lies a dish you do not want to miss.

Asem-asem, 25K


With pieces of beef meat, you can see chilli floating around the soup and urat (veins) but what makes us curious is the taste of the broth! We thought it was going to be spicy as hell. It had a refreshingly tangy taste with a bit of spiciness that is not overly empowering, just a hint to make you crave more. The suprising thing was (althought it should not have been quite a surprise, since we are afterall in Semarang) the soup had quite a dominant sweet flavour. Then again, food in central of Java has quite a sweet flavour, even the spicy ones. The beef was tender and with just little fat you could tell they cook it well.

Visit Warung Makan Asem-Asem Koh Liem at:
Jl. Karanganyar Blok C-4/28, Brumbungan, Jawa Tengah 50135

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Written & Pic taken by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited by: https://www.instagram.com/yukinike


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