Bakmi Djowo Pak Doel Noemani

A culinary spot in Semarang you would not want to miss if you’re into noodles. Hey, even if you do not like noodles, you will be converted to a noodle believer once you taste this dish.

Fried Bakmi Djowo, 13K


You can choose your noodles boiled or fried. We like oily food. The oilier, the better! (Is oilier even a word?) To be honest the appereance looks nothing special. Yes, it looks delicious. Yes, the portion is quite small (if you’re used to Jakarta portion). Yes, lots of fried shallots which will enhance the flavour. But what about the taste? Let’s look at the noodles again, this time, close-up!


WE. LOVED. IT. We didn’t even order it spicy and the flavour intensity was already… just wow! Perhaps what made it more awesome we had the chance to taste the noodles without extra spiciness added into it. It’s got a sweet but savory flavour and generous in shallots, chicken, egg and vegetables. Go ahead and stop by this noodle restaurant and you will not regret it. It’s near hotels such as Crowne Plaza, Novotel, Amaris, Whiz and Ibis Budget Hotel. So if it’s dinner time and you want to grab something to eat. Go ahead and try the noodles here. Did we say that already? Yes, this one’s for emphasis.

Visit Bakmi Djowo Pak Doel Noemani at:
Jl. Pemuda No. 107, Semarang Jawa Tengah

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