Coto Makassar H. Daeng Tayang

Horas! Our review today comes all the way from Makassar! It’s a sin to travel here and not try coto. This one is definitely one of our favourites in Makassar! Every time we visit Makassar, we always go to this place.

Coto Makassar


Super savory and ridiculously rich in flavour. The thickness of the broth, the garlic, sambal and buras (a type of rice cake with coconut milk)! What a combination! Nothing beats the flavour of this coto.

A little tip from us, if you want to come here do come around 11 AM, otherwise the place would be too crowded and you would run out of buras. The place is rather hot and you would sweat a lot, no aircon darling! But, that heat you have to face to enjoy this coto is worth it!

Warning: Sambal in Makassar is known to be extra spicy, like burning your mouth kind of spicy. Not your average spicy. Do be careful, take small portions and adjust accordingly. But if you’re into that spiciness, go ahead, we dare you.

Visit Coto Makassar H. Daeng Tayang at:
Jl.Sultan Hasanuddin, Makassar

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