Lekker Paimo

Our culinary journey today takes us to one of the most popular destinations in Semarang. The queue is always long, yet people still come in line and wait patiently under the scorching heat.

After waiting for about 30-40 minutes, finally our order was up! No, we are not exaggerating. There were about 8-10 names before us but curiousity got the best of us. The equivalent of waiting for a spot in Sushi Tei on the weekends. But hey, while in Semarang right? The things we do for food!

Lekker Sausage Mozarella, 16K


So what was our verdict? Yummy! Was the fourty minute wait worth it? Yes! Would we wait in line to taste this beast again? Yes, but we’ll come earlier! Maybe, just maybe, the line wouldn’t be so long.

The mozarella cheese is what did it for us. Combined with that sausage and spicy flavouring, yet with the sweet lekker, was a unique flavour sensation. Because you don’t really think they go together, but they do. The picture speaks a thousand words, but in this case we think it speaks several thousand words. The gooey cheese just makes us crave some more of that lekker action.

The sweet lekker also tasted pretty good too, but to be honest does not really differ that much compared to the ones in Jakarta.

Visit Lekker Paimo at:
Jl. Karang Anyar no.37 Semarang

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Written & Pic taken by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited by: https://www.instagram.com/yukinike


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