RM Rajawali

“There’s no journey better than the pursuit of food.” – (OMGSOFOOD, 2016)

Did we just quote ourself? Pretty much. Is this socially acceptable? Perhaps not. Today we’re taking you to a trip to Brebes! The lovely city known for shallots and salted egg. We’ll also be showing you a culinary gem in the city.


This is what the restaurant looks like from the outside. Yes, that blue car is always there. The owner puts it up for sale. But since the first time we ate here until this very day, it has not been sold yet. PS: We were not paid whatsover to sell this car or this restaurant. We wish. Hopefully next time we eat here, that car is sold, we know how you feel blue car, we are also nggak laku laku #jomblocurhat (we tried thinking an english equivalent for this very Indonesian expression but all we could come up is “not taken yet” #singleconfession).

Mutton satay (15 pieces), 71K


The key ingredient to a good mutton satay is: (1) Tender mutton meat that is cooked properly eliminating any disgusting excessive mutton odor (2) A good soy sauce to bind all that intense flavour together. Check and check. RM Mutira did both quite well. But what makes it special is that soy sauce that is mixed with chilli as well as secret spices then combine that with some juicy and tender satay, shallots and tomato, you got a winning combination! You can choose the satay to include some mutton fat in it or pure meat (here shown in the picture is the full meat one, we ordered a total of 15 satays, half fatty and half pure meat.

Mutton Soup, 20K


The beauty of this dish lies in the rich broth flavour. It is refreshing andquite intese in flavour but not too much. Would we order this again? Perhaps, if we are sick of satay (which is never). But in general, we have to say that this soup tastes rather ordinary. However, a suitable dish if you’re more into soup and broth dishes.

You can also eat here with salted egg if you want from oven salted egg to roasted salted egg. Adds another layer of flavour to the menu served here. Overall, a nice place to visit if you’re planning to visit Brebes or if you need to stop by for food if you’re going on a roadtrip in Java island.


Visit RM Rajawali at:
Jl. Raya Kemurang Brebes Pintu Tol Pejagan Kanci (0283) 877 917

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Written & Pic taken by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited by: https://www.instagram.com/yukinike


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