Warung Pangkep Sop Saudara

We’re taking you to a culinary trip to Makassar today. This is another one of our favourite places in Makassar!

Sop saudara, 20K


Sop sodara is like coto’s long lost sibling. It is perfect to be eaten during lunch time and you can choose whether you want meat or prefer it with jeroan (innards) at this place you can also ask to add more broth without being charged extra! Free is our favourite number, afterall.


The difference between this with coto: the colour is a more pronounced yellow, with rice vermicelli and potatoes inside the broth. You eat it with rice, instead of rice cakes or buras.


The place is quite hot! No aircon yo! But come lunch time and the place is full. Lot of people are willing to endure the heat for this fantastic dish. No wonder, the food is extremely tasty! Also, the street singers in this place is quite talented and has a nice voice, one of the joys of eating street food: street entertainment. The ambience and the food, makes you miss this place once you leave Makassar.

Visit Warung Pangkep Sop Saudara at:
JL A.P. Pettarani, No. 221

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Written by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited & taken by: www.instagram.com/yukinike



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