Soto Ayam Dargo Pak Wito

Sometimes the best delicacies do not have to be fine dining cuisines, it is comfort food that brings you the utmost happiness. Today, we’re eating soto in Semarang!


Let’s look at it a bit close up shall we?


The soto here tastes great! We actually prefer it better without adding soy sauce and sambal. The original taste is already good. The place here is full during brunch hours but the service is extremely fast! So you don’t need to worry about waiting for a long time to be served. We prefer our soto sans rice, and the portion of soto in Java is small perhaps because you should have room for tempe and all kinds of satay served here. Personally, we prefer the hot tempe that is irresistable and tastes fantastic combined with the soto!

Visit Soto Ayam Dargo Pak Wito at:
Jl. Hasanudin

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