Es Pankuk Pak Yono

Today, we’re reporting from Semarang! An ice cream spot that a lot of people actually seek out for when going to Semarang. Maybe it’s the word-of-mouth thing or perhaps it is the power of social media that makes people curious what all the fuss is about. Despite being said by a local friend of ours that this was not too special, we had to try them out ourselves.

Es Pankuk, 15K (3 scoops)


You can choose from 4 options of ice cream flavour: chocolate, durian, avocado and coconut. We chose chocolate and durian. You can see those little pancake breads hiding underneath waiting to be devoured and jelly to accompany the ice cream. Overall, looks promising.


Unfortunately, we have to agree with our friends on this one. Though there seems to be a lot of buzz about this street food vendor on the interwebs and among food bloggers, sadly, the reputation did not meet our expectations. This being said, it did not taste bad. Absolutely not. But it did not taste brilliant either. An average tasting dish that is okay if you want your ice cream fix, but not something you’d be willing to go all the way to Semarang for. However, considering the price, flavour choices and its strategic location, it can be considered a pretty good deal.

Visit Es Krim Pankuk Pak Yono at:
Jl. Tanjung (across Mie Kopyok Pak Dhuwur)

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