Nasi Uduk Mpok Iyoh

Indonesian comfort food at its finest: nasi uduk. This humble dish is served anywhere from street food stalls to restaurants across Indonesia. Whatever and however it is presented, it is a favourite dish among Indonesians. The best nasi uduk are fragrant and savoury due to the coconut milk perfectly infusing the steamed rice. Just talking about it makes our mouth water. Pair that up with delicious proteins and sambal, instant deliciousness!


There’s a variety of proteins you can choose from: chicken, empal (meat), shrimp or innards. Our favourite here are the chicken and the empal. The chicken has that fragrant smell and savouriness that leaves you wanting for more. In its own it is already ridicilously awesome. Combine that with the sambal with two to choose from: sambal merah and sambal kacang. Peanuts or just pure chilli. As always, when it comes to food we choose both. The empal also deserves a shout out. It is tender, and no fat, pure meat! Just the way we love it.

But the best part of this meal? Of course, the rice! It has just the correct amount of fried shallots to rice ratio. Meaning that every bite you take will be rich in taste and you can tell that this rice is made to perfection. It is very full of flavours indeed which is what truly binds all the flavours. To quote Homer Simpson, it’s like an explosion in your mouth and everybody is invited.

We declare this nasi uduk as the Best Nasi Uduk in Tangerang! (If you object, leave us a comment and prove us wrong!)

Visit Nasi Uduk Mpok Iyoh at:
No. 95, Jl. Pahlawan, Ciputat Timur, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15412

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