Sate Ayam Pak Mudjito

This has got to be our favourite satay, ever. We are never ever going to find another satay like it. Like ever. We are willing to spend a weekend getaway to Blora just to devour this badboys.


What is so different about these satay you might ask?
1. Customizable sauce. That peanut sauce plate you see up there? Customize that stuff yourself. Add as much sambal as you want, soy sauce or a bit of that good old saucy oil. Do it to your own liking.

2. Rice with kuah (broth). As per request, you can ask for a bit of broth in your rice or ricecake if you prefer to eat the satay with a bit of extra brothy flavour.

3. Keep-em-coming satay. The satay will be cooking constantly as opposed to you ordering a certain amount, if your dish is empty, the cook will start burning satay so without you noticing… damn gurl/boi you ate 30 skewers already all by yourself? Good for you.


Look at that grilled mark. That peanut sauce that infuses into the juices of the chicken satay. TOTAL WIN. For this, of course we give the dish a full mark 5/5. Hats off to Sate Ayam Mudjito, a great culinary gem in Blora. We will be looking forward to eating here again!

Visit Sate Ayam Mudjito at:
Kompleks Koplakan Blora, Jl. Mr. Iskandar No.42, Kec. Blora Kota, Kabupaten Blora, Jawa Tengah 58214

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