Rawon Mbak Yatik

Rawon might be famous in Surabaya, but Rawon in Blora also deserves a shout out! Hey yo! Today we’re going to Blora to eat delicious rawon!


Rawon, a beef black soup gets its black colour from the keluak. It is an explosion in your mouth. And the sprouts also adds a nice extra crunch to the soup.


The combination of the meat, sprouts, fried shallots and that awesome broth! Ridicilous tasting! You can also adjust your heat level. Do you want it spicy? Not spicy? Medium spiciness level? Up to you. Also, add some fried tempe or fried vegetable fritter snack or just a fancy schmanzy way of saying bakwan!

Visit Rawon Mbak Yatik at:
Jl. Blora – Randublatung, Blora

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Written & Pic taken by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran
Pic edited by: www.instagram.com/yukinike


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