Al Zein

Ramadhan is coming up! What says more about Ramadhan than Arabic Food? Also a notable mention about the things that remind us of Ramadhan: syrup! You know Ramadhan is coming up when you can see syrup advertisements everywhere.

We are a big fan of Arabic food, making us harsher critics and not easy to be satisfied. But boy, we instantly became a fan after we tasted a bite of their appetizer. Love at first falafel.


Falafel edited

Be ready for an explosion of flavour. Not too crisp but moist enough, the right consistency for falafel. We prefer falafels sans sesame seed. But even considering that, these are one of the best we’ve had in town. Faltastic!

Kabsah lamb

kabsah edited

The closest kabsah similar to the one we tasted in Jordan. The raisins and almonds add a wonderful texture and taste giving a savory dish a sweet flavour profile and extra crunch. The ones we had in Jordan had pinenuts instead of almonds, but this also tastes wonderful. Served with additional sauce you can add to your liking, enhancing the flavours (if possible) even more. The lamb tastes magical. Why magical? For those of you who do not like the lamb stink when ordering lamb, don’t worry. They cook it like a pro here, we were very impressed with both the rice and lamb. They know what they are doing over in Al Zein.

Biryani chicken

biryani edited

Similar to the kabsah dish, except this one has orange zest profile. Personally, we prefer the kabsah version better. If you prefer a refreshing taste and love that extra zesty orange flavour, this dish could be perfect for you. Both the kabsah and biryani has lamb and chicken options so just choose to your liking and the portion here for both rice dishes are rather generous, which can only mean one thing: more room for sidedish!


zalabiyah edited

A deep-fried sweet fritter drizzled with syrup and a bit of chocolate. This one caught us by surprise. Because let’s be honest, it is not visually exciting or even sound delicious. But you have to trust us on this, the dish is so simple yet tastes so delicious. You can’t have just one bite, before you realize it you will finish half a bowl by yourself. We shared this one with four people. More than enough for everyone. But next time, we’re not sharing. We want this all for ourself.

Also a very note-worthy shoutout: the hummus and pita bread. The pita bread are made when ordered, take that hummus dipping and you will be blown away by the dish.

Al Zein has a very comfortable ambience with plenty of seating arrangements to choose from: the conventional dining chair, sofa and the more chillaxed version of sitting on a carpet. The place also has a selection of shisha and is open for 24 hours. Makes it a perfect hangout spot and a place to look for great food.  We can’t wait to come back and taste more of their dishes.

All in all, Al Zein was amaZein.

Visit Al Zein at:
FX Sudirman mall, FB floor

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