Dont Go to Thailand, you will never want to go back home.

I finally know what those love songs are about. Sappy romantic songs like “Endless Love”, “All Of Me” and “What Makes You Beautiful”. I can relate to them on a spiritual level. But when I hear those love songs, I don’t think about a person, I think about a place. I think about a place called Thailand.

There is one thing about Thailand that annoys me to the very core though, how is it possible, that every corner of the city is filled with an abundance of delicious food? Even in a gas station, I found Pad Thai that took my tastebuds on a wonderful adventure. It’s unfair for other countries. Raises our expectations on food every time we travel.

Then there’s this highly instagrammable place called Santorini Park in Hua Hin. Sure, it’s cool. Sure,  it’s hip. Sure, every angle looks fantastic. Now my camera is filled with all these amazing pictures of Santorini Park. Which one should I post? Which one is worthy of a profile picture? Which one perfectly captures the moment? No filters, just pure happiness! Good luck finding the best picture… All of those pictures are awesome. #millenialproblems.

Don’t even get me started on Swiss Sheep Farm in Hua Hin. Those cute sheep? Eerily cute decorations? Then the endless blue sky. Makes me forget about all the troubles in the city. Problems? I got 99 problems and one of them is missing Thailand too much.

Khao Luang Cave was one of my favourite destinations. It has the power to make you feel so small. In a place this majestic, people still find time to remember God. That, is beautiful. The place feels sacred and enigmatic. I’ll remember the place forever. How can I forget the place? Even an obliviate spell by Professor Lockhart won’t make me forget.

Warning: there’s a serious side effect you need to consider before you go to Thailand. You might leave a piece of your heart there, and you will not get it back

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