Amazing Thai Festival 2017!

Every 13th of April is celebrated as Thai New Years which includes the Songkran water festival symbolizing purification and getting rid of bad luck and sins. As part of the celebration of Thai Festival in Central Park last 7-9 April 2017, there were several food stalls that opened up offering a variety of Thailand cuisine and beverages. This is a blog post about my favourite part of any adventure, the food!

Chicken Pandan

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This chicken pandan tasted sort of similar to fried chicken wings that are sold by street vendors in Bangkok. Flashbacks of Bangkok appeared while I enjoyed this snack, as I ate that glorious chicken wing, my friend was busy shopping and I was busy eating. Got my priorities straight! You can see that red sauce as a condiment to this chicken, I say skip it. It doesn’t add much to the flavour, in fact the chicken already tastesd good on its own.

Pad Thai

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I may be quite subjective when it comes to Pad Thai. Blame it on nostalgia. This was not the best Pad Thai I have ever tasted. It wasn’t warm, lacked seasoning (bring them crushed peanuts and hot chilli flakes, extra please) and the extra something of lime juice. But hey, for a IDR 25K Pad Thai you can’t complain much. It’s okay, but not the best I’ve had.

Thai Ice Tea

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 Thai ice tea is usually known for that striking sweetness (at least in Indonesia), but the sweetness of this Thai ice tea is more subtle. A great option if you enjoy the more subtle sweetness which gives room for the tea to shine.

Look Choop (Mung Bean candy)

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This is for the sweet tooth out there. Sweet mung beans are shaped into fruit or vegetables and given that additional gloss. Look Choop were created for royals back then, food were required not only to taste good but to look good. Nowadays though, this dish can be found in markets around Thailand.

Thai Cassava with Coconut Sauce

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The cassava was a little too hard for my liking. I am used to eating cassava that is softer, so even though the dish was good, it had the potential to taste great. This portion is a pretty good deal though, just 20K and you can taste the Thai sweetness.

Mango Sticky Rice

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The best part of mango sticky rice is of course… the mango! Fresh, sweet and refreshing. This particular dessert was rather surprising because I usually eat mango sticky rice with a bit of coconut sauce on top of the sticky rice, this one had a different sauce though. The sauce was brown and had similar consistency and taste of a brown sugar, making it sort of taste like you’re eating cendol. Unusual combo, but my friend (who loved mango sticky rice) says, and I quote “This is sooo gooooood.”.

Thai Festival is more than just the food, it’s more of an experience of bringing a piece of Thailand here. You can eat better tasting food in a restaurant elsewhere, but you cannot replicate that exact moment in Thai Festival where people come to experience a glimpse of Thailand. Will definitely come again the next time there’s a Thai Festival in town!

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