Jakarta Creative Hub – where creativity blooms

“Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you anywhere.”

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Jakarta Creative Hub is a co-working space, makerspace and office that facilitates creative industries such as design, architecture, product design and fashion.

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The place also has 12 office spaces for startups, particularly in the creative industry.

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Besides office space, they also have a makerspace, where a 3D printing machine can be used to create prototypes.

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There is also a mini stage area with a cool mural decoration where events and workshops can be held. The classrooms also exist for various workshops to educate and enrich young minds. A mini library can also be found for reading on the spot, mostly about books about business and the creative industry.

The use of the subsidized office space are reviewed regularly. With businesses having to Successful businesses and businesses that does not perform will be asked to leave the space to allow new startups to use the office. The system of subsidy is profit sharing, with 20% will be used to maintain and ensure sustainability of the co-working space. A similar co-working facility is planned to be built around the Kuningan area.

Props to Ahok for facilitating small and creative businesses to flourish. Whoever is going to be the newly elected governor, hopefully we will continually see such progress from the government!

Jakarta Creative Hub
Grha Niaga Thamrin, 1st floor
Jl. Kb. Melati 5 No.20, RT.2/RW.8, Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10230

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Written, Pic taken & Edited by: www.instagram.com/theannisasabran


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