The Unicorn, the magical drink by Kikokopi

Some trends come and go, but we are glad the unicorn trend is here to stay.

I am happy, nope, make that excited beyond belief that Kikokopi decided to create their own twist on the magical drink. It feels like a unicorn party and all the pretty pastel colours are invited.

Internet, meet the The Unicorn.

Take a sip of The Unicorn and you will be transported to the land of magical sweet and wonders. The drink was creamy and sweet, true to the name, what else do you expect from a drink called The Unicorn? The sweetness was not too overwhelming though because it had a slight fruity tanginess to balance the overall flavour of the drink. On the bottom of the drink there were crumbles of cookies that made this drink a sweet treat and add a bit of texture and crunch. Top the drink with whipcream and the fairy dust of unicorns and you get one magical drink.

2017-05-10 08.47.51 1-960x640


You can notice at first sight the combination of blue, purple and a bit of pink that is beautifully blended. A treat for the tastebuds and the eyes! Bonus points: pretty instagrammable shots. If you buy this drink, taking a pic is mandatory.So, are you curious to taste this magical wander? Head on to Kikokopi and experience it yourself. Be prepared to be enchanted.

Visit Kikokopi at:
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No 1C 0878 8685 7893

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