Love it or Hate it, no in betweens: Linkin Park’s newest album One More Light

The most polarizing album yet. Linkin Park is all for pushing limits, refusing to stay in their comfort zone. They knew the formula of success to create the Linkin Park song we all know and love, but decided to ditch that in the name of evolving musically. The opinions range from “OMG LOVE THE NEW SOUND SO PERSONAL” to “RIP Linkin Park, they have gone pop”. The album that will make you question “Is this really Linkin Park?” but may end up saying to yourself “This is not Linkin Park. I refuse to believe this is the same Linkin Park who made songs like Faint, In the End and Given Up. NO. Not Linkin Park, but somehow, weirdly enough… I love it.”

This is a review of Linkin Park’s latest album, One More Light. The good, the bad and the ugly.

1. Nobody Can Save Me

A good song, but not great. A good opening of a glimpse of what we’ll be getting in this album. It does have that Linkin Park quality but lacks passion and emotion you expect from them. At some point the sound seems repetitive and even mundane. It’s like a dish that tastes decent, but you probably won’t come back to that restaurant. It’s okay, but you won’t recommend to a friend. Good song, but it’s not special.

2. Good Goodbye

This sounds like great greatbye to me. To me, it sounds like Linkin Park’s way of saying you guys know that Linkin Park sound you thought you knew? Yeah, say goodbye to that. And it is a “good” bye, because their departure to embrace an evolved sound couldn’t be more exciting. To be frank, this song is a bit out of the theme of the album, because it involves more rapping and features Pusha T and Stormzy which perhaps fit better in a Fort Minor album. But any track where Mike Shinoda raps these days is something any Linkin Park fan would appreciate.

3. Talking to Myself

Another one of those songs that do not evoke any particular song emotion. This is the weakest song from the album, dare I say the weakest song they have made their entire career? Repetitive music. Uninspiring lyrics. Lack heart, passion and energy. Linkin Park, please never talk to yourself ever again it will just bring me one step closer to the edge.


4. Battle Symphony

Recently I watched a movie called Critical Eleven which mentioned that the first 3 minutes you meet a person are the most vital because it shapes a person’s first impression. I knew I would like this song the first 3 seconds I heard it. “But the sound of your voice, Puts the pain in reverse” because every one has that one person whose existence makes you believe every thing is going to be okay :’). Also the way Chester sings about not giving up on each battle you face is relatable to every one from a kid failing a test, a teenager questioning his existence or an adult facing a life crisis.

5. Invisible

Mike’s voice in this one will give you goosebumps. The lyrics are simple yet resonates with a lot of people who feel misunderstood. One of the things Linkin Park is best at, verbalizing words we are unable to say. This is a heartfelt song dedicated to Mike’s kids, and you can feel this is a personal song. Definitely one of the best songs from the album, you’ll know why when you listen to it.

2017-05-23 02.13.26 1-640x426

6. Heavy (feat.Kiiara)

Usually the first song released from a new album is the transition song. The song that has elements of a past album but gives an introduction of what you can expect from the current album. I was curious why didn’t they collaborate with Alesia Cara, I think the music and Chester’s voice would compliment each other much better. Kiiara is cool, don’t get me wrong, but you just don’t expect it from a Linkin Park album. But then it hit me, Linkin Park is doing what you never expect them to do. I have to say though, I prefer the live version. It has that raw intensity that you only get when a song is performed live.

7. Sorry for Now

My friends say it has a Chainsmoker vibe to it, I say it has a bit of Owl City vibe. It sort of feels like this is them apologizing that they must change, but one day we will understand. If this is the change they are heading to, honestly I have no problem with it. Go change, because whatever you produce somehow it just sounds good. I think this song would be interesting to be heard live. Mike is singing, Chester is rapping. MIND. BLOWN.

8. Halfway Right

I don’t like it. To me this song is a bit boring and repetitive. It doesn’t have that passion and excitement as all the other songs. Kind of confused how this track made it to the album. There are very few Linkin Park songs I hate, and this is one of them. This is not halfway right, this is totally wrong.

9. One More Light

Every concert has that one song where everybody holds out their lighter or nowadays… our phones. This is that one song. The song that will remind you of all past mistakes, the song that will make you visualize looking out through the car window when it’s raining outside and pretend you are in a music video, the song that will be passed from one generation to another. This song is special. Everything from the music arrangement, the guitar solo, Chester’s heartbreaking performance and the lyrics about compassion. Every single thing might be wrong, but Linkin Park’s music is there to save you. They represent one important thing you need when you feel lost: hope.

2017-05-23 02.13.04 1-640x480Listening party Linkin Park with Warner Music Indonesia, 18 May 2017. Can you find me?

10. Sharp Edges

Imagine going on a roadtrip with your best friends, the wind blowing against your hair and you put your hand outside the car to feel the wind. Linkin Park takes a more acoustic route in this song. Chester’s voice perfectly compliments the raw power of the music. A brilliant way to end the whole album, it leaves the listeners thinking what happened to Linkin Park? Even though the overall song has quite a melancholic melody, the message is positive. Think of Iridescent mixed with Little Things Give Away and the feels of Pushing Me Away when performed live with a piano.

When listening to One More Light, don’t think of “What would a great Linkin Park song sound like”, think of it as “What would a great song sound like”. Trust me, it will pleasantly surprise you. They are redefining their music again. They are saying no to genres. They are breaking down the stereotype of their own sound. To me, that’s special compared to making the same kind of predictable music over and over again.

No one will stay an angsty rebellious kid forever. People change, so does music.

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2 thoughts on “Love it or Hate it, no in betweens: Linkin Park’s newest album One More Light

  1. Definitely their most divisive album, but as you so eloquently put it, people change, and so does music. For Linkin Park in particular, this isn’t completely out of the blue. Their biggest hits have always had pop sensibilities (“In The End,” “What I’ve Done”). And a single like “Heavy,” though jarring when I first heard it, eventually grew on me, something I would never have expected of myself being largely a non-pop fan. I suppose that’s where I’m at as a listener now. It may have taken some getting used to, but overall I’m a fan of ‘One More Light’. Awesome review!


    1. Thanks for reading Adrian! I do agree they aren’t exactly heavy rock band and have always had that radio-friendly rock vibe going on. Some songs do take several songs listening to, you don’t just like it right away. Just like people too, some you click right away others need several days, weeks or even months for you to understand.

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