Incredible Iftar at Crowne Plaza Jakarta

Today, our food adventure takes us to an Incredible Iftar experience at Crowne Plaza Jakarta! Decorated with a miniature mosque and green decorations make the place extra festive.

A pastry station for all your pastry cravings is available to choose from. Sweet or savory, the choice is up to you.

2017-06-22 02.11.29 1-640x426 (1)

There is also a selection of bread you can choose from. When a bread station looks better than you. Seriously, not joking.

2017-06-23 01.06.20 1-640x426

Started with a bit of sushi, my favourite is the shrimp one. Decent, but not spectacular. But considering this is not a sushi joint, didn’t have that much of a high expectation on the sushi. Was happy that they had Japanese food though.

2017-06-22 02.11.18 1-640x426

My next plate involved sambal matah pizza, vegetable pizza (when you want pizza but still try to be a bit “healthy”, chicken drumsticks, sausage sauce and a bit of salad. I like the tuna sambal matah pizza which had a bit of kick to it, but not too much. The kind of savoury goodness I expect from my pizza.

2017-06-23 01.06.23 1-640x426

Next, I moved on to sample the carbs and black pepper beef, dori and paired it with a bit of Asinan Betawi. My favourite from the plate is the Asinan Betawi which has a sweet, spicy and sour flavour profile with refreshing pieces of pineapple and the sauce drizzled has just the right amount of heat. Not too spicy that it ruins the dish, but not too mild that it becomes bland. The rice had plenty of spices which tasted great.

2017-06-22 02.11.22 1-640x426

And last, but certainly not least is the dessert! The most photogenic one of course is that little green swirl decoration, it is beautiful but does not taste as good as it looks. The most lovely dessert of the night goes to that little lowkey creampuff. She looks pretty basic, but omgsofantastic! The cream is light but still delightful which pairs beautifully with the pastry. Would go for extras on this one. Lovely dessert and a lovely way to end the meal!

2017-06-22 01.44.18 1-640x960

The buffet offered various meals and was an incredible iftar experience. Take your family, friends and that special someone for an even more special experience.

See you in our next culinary adventure!

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